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Years in the woodworking trades since 1985 have allowed Lucy Chapman to flex her creative muscles in just about every room of the house, and many businesses as well. Here are but a few examples.

Granny Table
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Granny Table - Crafted with reclaimed 100 year old pine, this reproduction coffee table fits right in with the genuine antique. It's true proportions and hand-turned legs ensure it fools even the most discerning eye.

Knee-high Library
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Knee-high Library – Children's books provide visual fun and draw the little reader for some quiet time . This painted MDF unit is wall mounted at just a foot off the ground, with its target audience at eye level. A copy of an old design, it blends in well with the clients 1920's home.

Side by Side
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Side by Side – Ash end tables were made to match a much loved coffee table built by a client's loved one. The scale was adjusted to be aesthetically pleasing for the increase in height. A job that touches the client's heartstrings is always memorable and gratifying.

Pull up a Seat
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Pull up a Seat – This sturdy bench is built of solid pine with a clear finish for years of tough wear and tear. A set of four was made to surround a family games table. Brushed steel side panel inserts add cheeky modernism to a look that will gain the lovely honeyed patina that pine is known for.

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